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Terms for Affiliate Partners is run by IT NONSTOP, s.r.o., IČO: 03830551. The affiliate partner becomes a registered user in the affiliate program of IT NONSTOP, s.r.o., who hereby agrees to the listed terms and conditions.

  • An affiliate partner may be a legal entity or sole trader at the time of affiliation to the affiliate program
  • Affiliate partner registration is completely FREE.
  • Cooperation between (IT NONSTOP, s.r.o.) and its affiliate partner is agreed for an indefinite period and can be terminated at any time by either party without any penalty.
  • Each registered and approved affiliate partner can only operate one affiliate account on

Commission Amount commissions are always listed in the campaign details.

Forms of Advertising

The list of formats is provided by the operator as part of its affiliate partner administration. The operator recommends using pre-defined advertising materials to respect the brand of the respective companies in our affiliate program. If a partner wants to use their own ads, they must always be approved in writing by a partner company via

It is strictly forbidden

  • To spread links as SPAM.
  • To embed links or banners on sex-related websites.
  • To embed links or banners on websites to mislead the customer. (IT NONSTOP, s.r.o.) reserves the right to review the content of the site and the location of the links / banners on affiliate partner sites. In the event that the content of the website is in violation of applicable laws of the country in which the website is operated or with the above rules, the Operator (IT NONSTOP, sro) shall withdraw from the agreement and the affiliate partner thereby terminates its claim for commission .

Managing Commissions

  • Commission will be paid out at the earliest 7 days after the payment of the reservation.
  • The commission is calculated on the price of the reservation minus VAT.
  • From each booking made through partner links / banners.
  • From each approved reservation via partner links.

When does the commission not accrue?

  • Until the payment has been approved by the enterprise (in the bank account, and not cancelled).
  • If the user / customer has previously clicked another affiliate link (up to 90 days before the purchase). In this case, commission is credited to the partner whose last click was clicked.
  • In the event of an affiliate account being cancelled, the affiliate partner will be entitled to a commission reimbursed from reservations made after the affiliate account has been cancelled.
  • If the customer does not have cookies enabled in their browser.

Commitment Summary

An overview of the current sales status will be obtained by affiliate partner in your affiliate account in the Home section.

Payment of Commission

An affiliate partner can apply for a paid commission through their profile in the My Profile section after logging in to the affiliate program administration. Payment of the commission will be made by transferring to a bank account or PayPal account that was entered when registering an affiliate partner into the affiliate program. The commission is paid on the basis of an invoice issued by a legal person or sole trader with a maturity of 7 days.

Commission is paid from 1 EUR.

Final Provisions

In the event of a violation of the affiliate program terms, the Operator reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate account and to block commission payments. The account balance will then be forfeited by the affiliate to IT NONSTOP, s.r.o. The validity of these conditions is not limited in time. Affiliate Program Terms can be updated on an ongoing basis. Their validity starts on the day they are published on the website.